Book Review

The Ruined House: A Novel

By Ruby Namdar; translated by Hillel Halkin

This breathtaking tale of a prominent professor's undoing is expertly woven with biblical passages.

Book Review

Madonna in a Fur Coat

By Sabahattin Ali; translated by Maureen Freely and Alexander Dawe

This emotional Turkish classic reminds us to always treasure those we hold dear.

Book Review

The Ninth Hour: A Novel

By Alice McDermott

A deceptively quiet story that illuminates the profundity of everyday life.

Book Review

A young woman perseveres to become a diver at the Brooklyn Naval Yard during World War II.

Book Review

Forest Dark: A Novel

By Nicole Krauss

This ambitious meditation on spiritual transcendence and self-reflection hits all the right notes.

Book Review

Gravel Heart: A Novel

By Abdulrazak Gurnah

This international family drama unsettles readers with themes of political strife, homelessness, and inner turmoil.

Book Review

Autopsy of a Father: A Novel

By Pascale Kramer; translated by Robert Bononno

This complex story of a troubled family becomes a metaphor for the racial and cultural tensions plaguing contemporary France.

Book Review

Intricately linked stories tell of damage and redemption in a small Midwestern town.