Book Review

A Face Like Glass

By Frances Hardinge

An unusual tale of a land where cheese is king and self-expression is verboten.

Book Review


By Jesse Edward Johnson

An endearing debut about a teen mulling over "What's next?"

Book Review

A fantastical, winning tale of a girl's immaculate (or not) conception.

Book Review

A grieving teen finds solace with a sasquatch family in this Tarzan-and-Jane redux.

Book Review

It Looks Like This

By Rafi Mittlefehldt

A worthy if trope-filled story of LGBT youth struggling for acceptance.

Book Review

The Weight of Zero

By Karen Fortunati

This intelligent debut examines adolescent mental illness with a realistic view of what “better” may look like.

Book Review

The Light Fantastic

By Sarah Combs

What lengths will troubled teens go to in their search for human connection?

Book Review


By Tania Unsworth

This secluded-mansion thriller for young readers blurs the boundaries between imagination and reality.