Book Review

Doctor Sleep

Stephen King

Shine on? The much-heralded sequel to The Shining fails to live up to the original, but will still keep you turning the pages.

Book Review


Max Barry

Barry’s latest terrifyingly believable sci-fi novel dissects how a single word can control minds and obliterate civilizations.

Book Review

The Returned

Jason Mott

A small town struggles to understand the new meanings of life and death when the deceased are resurrected and return to their long-grieving families.

Book Review

The Shining Girls

Lauren Beukes

A woman pursues the serial killer who tried to end her life — a killer who can also travel through time.

Book Review

Great North Road

Peter F. Hamilton

This new thriller with the suspense of a serial-killer investigation is set in a futuristic, intergalactic world.

Book Review

Haruki Murakami

Disconnected from much of the world, two lonely people stumble toward love in a brave new future of wrong turns, two moons, weird characters and baffling events.

Book Review

China Miéville

The limits and perils of language, at the far edge of science fiction.

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