6 Things We Learned from Our Day at Politics and Prose

  • September 6, 2014

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at Politics and Prose Friday to say hi, grab a voucher, or just chat about books! Here’s what we discovered while there.

  1. People in Washington, DC, are serious about books and will happily make time to discuss them.
  2. People in Washington, DC, are also serious about caffeine, at least judging by the amount of coffee coming out of the café.
  3. When there’s a passionate Shakespeare discussion happening one table over, you must speak very quietly.
  4. Some folks need to be reassured that there’s honestly no catch — they really can just take a free bookmark and walk away.
  5. Nobody wants to be the first person on the e-newsletter signup sheet.
  6. There’s a reason Politics and Prose — with its excellent staff, great selection of titles, and welcoming vibe — is one of the area’s finest indie bookstores. Being there was a pleasure. Thanks, P&P!


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