4 Fun Titles for Middle-Grade Readers

  • October 12, 2017

A handful of stories to please all sorts of bookworms

By Pete Hautman
Recommended for ages 10-14
David seems like any other middle-school boy with a growing appetite — except for his uncanny ability to devour a large pizza in under five minutes. (His parents aren’t thrilled with his talent for speed-eating.) Now, with the Super Pigorino Bowl coming up, he trains hard to win its cash prize. In fact, he has to win it…

Giant Pumpkin Suite
By Melanie Heuiser Hill
Recommended for ages 9-12

Rose doesn’t have much in common with her twin brother. Outside of school, she spends most of her time studying, reading, and practicing her cello. But then an accident happens, and her focus begins to shift. This is a great story about what happens when we let our imagination wander.

Scorpia: An Alex Rider Novel
By Anthony Horowitz
Recommended for ages 9-12
(Puffin Books)

Alex, the intrepid 14-year-old spy, works to uncover the truth about his parents — and comes face to face with a violent terrorist organization in the process — in this fifth book of the popular graphic-novel series.

Fergus and Zeke
By Kate Messner (author) and Heather Ross (illustrator)
Recommended for ages 5-8

Miss Maxwell’s class is taking a field trip, and Fergus, the class mouse, can’t go! He wants to be included so badly, he decides to hide in a backpack and tag along. But when Fergus meets Zeke, the museum’s mouse, the little rodents find their friendship can’t just stop when the visit ends.

Mary Daisey Shockley is an avid reader who spends her free time with her family on the coast of Delaware. Follow her on Instagram for bookish inspiration: @marydshockley.

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